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I know it sounds strange, but the plague still exists, especially in the southwest where I think I heard they see about 4 cases a year. Of course, with modern medicine, it isn't the fatal diagnosis it used to be, but still...weird.


Every time I here about the plague I just think of the special they did about it on the History Channel called "The Plague" and when they went to do the sponsor it said "The Plague brought to you by Red Lobster"

Thanks Red Lobster :)


This sign was not far from my Grandma's house. My wife worked at an animal rescue not too far away at the time and they had to stop taking squirrels because of the risk.


We get a case or two of plague out here every year. Little kids grow up knowing about the risks involved.

We also get to worry about Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Hanta virus and Lyme disease.


This is for real. We lived in Colorado, and these warnings were posted regularly in local parks and along hiking trails. The problem is that the rodents (those cute little prairie dogs, chipmunks, squirrels, and other varmints) harbor fleas. The fleas can leave the critter and bite humans, thus infecting them with plague.

One spring there were several cases of plague in the Denver metro area, so some areas were completely blocked off to prevent people from going through there.

As funny as it seems.... it's no joke.

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