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No stepping on the shooting arrow during a lighting storm.


Caution! Lava-propelled golf balls may cause impalement and electrocution.


Warning, severe electrical shocks from overhead will cause expulsion of your testicles.

J King

Beware of too many symbols!


Do Not Enter... or God's Lightning will Rip Your Balls Off.

kristen Torres

Beware of kicking balls into the lightening storm while being tripped by a wall!

R Clarkin

Beware cherry kicking zombies may cause lightning strikes.


If you happen to see Harry Potter's scar on the wall, kick 2 meatballs to make it go away.


Worship the lightning, OR ELSE!

Rich H.

"It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel FINE!!!"


Caution: Swearing due to self-injury in this area will cause lightning to strike.


caution: do not use treadmill in lightning storms


Stairway to heaven begins here.

Jeff V

Put your arms in the air and lift your leg - wait two beats - then SLAM the your foot down... now you are doing the latest dance craze!

Ron Bottitta

Caution: Acting like Frankenstein in front of your adopted Chinese twins may result in them playing football for the San Diego Chargers


If lightning strikes your balls, you will lose your hands and feet.


If you are handless and footless, you could be in danger of unwittingly following the sewage pipes to the gutter of double pinball launching, whereupon God will strike you down for your idiocy.

Tim Martin

Do not Kung-foo the happy fun balls near IN-N-OUT Burger.


Do not use the bent pole-dancing pole to swing yourself over the rail as the golf balls from Hell or the lightning from Heaven may strike at any time.

M Kenyon

Only climb up the lightening.

John Kroha

Instructions on how to do the Thriller dance (with lightning special effects!)

M Kenyon

When attempting to climb the lightening, beware of the shooting balls.

M Kenyon

When stepping off lightening, use levitating balls properly.


"Balancing hacky sacks while pole dancing only permitted during electrical storms."

Casey B & Tim B

Do not use bent stripper pole when God and Satan are in a heated ping-pong match.

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