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Standing in front of the pod window during teleportation may result in an incomplete transmission.


Use of transporters strictly forbidden in this area. (cf. Starfleet Code 7734)

Double J

No hanging out teleportation device window while in use.


Pants optional


Objects in subway doors may NEVER be larger than they appear.


Spleen! X marks the spot.


"Agree or disagree?... X GETS A SQUARE!!"


WARNING! TSA Check Point ahead!


WARNING! TSA Check Point! Manned by Pedobear!

Peter van Westen

Frodo may not enter the train! (Unless he leaves the ring at the counter.)


No turning invisible while the train is running
Violators will be prosecuted

Dave Hill

Please remember pants when exiting shuttle craft


"No glitter pants on the L Train"


You are entering the Twilight Zone. Beyond this world strange things are known.


No indecipherable safety graphics allowed -violators will be vaporized!


XRay vision prohibited here!


Captain Kirk Must Be Wearing Pants Before Being Teleported.


Ineffective airport bomb detector. Wear bombs in chest pocket.


Hey, what did you do with my magic frame? I think you're lookin' for a pipe wrench fight!

Michael Griffin

Well, my answer isn't funny, but... it's legitimate.

As an informational device, the sign is obviously pretty useless. That's easily explained by pointing out that it is military in origin.

The oddly-angled line drawing is of a raised-floor, canvas-and-aluminum structure intended for semi-permanent field use.

The sign is really meant to function as a reminder: The visibility of people inside the building is not limited to whatever can be seen through open widows or doors. Any backlighting will allow an occupant's silhouette to be seen on the exterior of the fabric. Moreover, an individual's position and outline can also be revealed by the use of an infrared heat detector.


thanks, that takes the fun right out of it.

Baiey M

The use of invisability cloaks on only the lower half of the body is prohibited.


Half-body scanners not allowed.

Mike M

Peeping Toms with flat-top haircuts are not allowed to wear white pants.

Mike M

Half-assed drawings not allowed.

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