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Remain still while teleporting.


Dude, quit standin' next to the crying ice scraper


Hello, it is not a safety warning. It is simple plaque on the men's restroom (with shower) door. Sign means, you need to ask for the key at the counter.


Beware! Wild showers ahead.
wait for help and keep the streams apart.

Ian Hunter

"Stand still with arms at sides while transport is beaming your party aboard."


Oh Bartek, you're no fun at all...


Escape Pods This Way. One person per pod.
Don't forget your pod key.


"Aliens must be at least this tall to ride the roller coaster."


Authorized Peeping Tom Zone. Shower at own risk.


We aim to please. Your aim would help.


Congratulations on receiving your easy to assemble build-your-own UFO! Step 1: Stand next to the box.


What good will the key do me now that I'm being waterboxed? And isn't waterboxing illegal?

Michael M.

Beware the floating toilet plunger heads! Even though they can only float 1 foot off the ground.


Sign posted at NASA
All astronauts wanting to launch space capsule- the key is in the office

Kelly Bleiweis

Caution, leaky beakers in the fog!

Beth M

Do not stand beneath the leaky potion bottles. Sudden gigantism will occur.


When beakers start raining, it's a good idea to trap them in a box.


Access to secret shower spying room. See shop class teacher for key.

Peter Freeman

Safety Shower Station For those men who pee on their boots

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