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Michael Cannell

Walk across this metal plate and you're dead to me!

Michael Cannell

Don't Step Here! Or Here!

Alpha Monkey

"'Cause your friends don't dance and if they don't dance, well, they're no friends of mine."

(Which should TOTALLY be your ringtone!!)


No steel toes. Japanese sandal area only!

Red Wolf

+ No dancing here

+ Do not stand on the trapdoor while we're cleaning the alligator pit

+ This was the last time anyone every saw Bob

+ Please to stand facing forward


Please do not leave maxi pads on the steel grate.


No small step for man.

No giant leap for mankind.


No ghosts allowed.


Dance Dance Revolution not permitted


Beware, bad dancers will be thrown to the pit of trials.


No standing like miniature plastic army man!


No Ghost Divers allowed!


Ditto I

No sports shoes on pedestal. Idolized women must wear heels.

Whitey can't dance.

Travolta-style disco shoes forbidden.

No [Insert racial slur here.] on pedastal.

Ditto I

Plate not rated for Stay Puft Marshmallow Monsters. Multi-story Gozer flunkies must take alternative routes.

This is not how to tango.

Levitating zone. Do not leave footprints.


No jump to the left.
No step to the right.

No doing the time warp again!


You put your RIGHT foot in, you take your RIGHT foot out...

Jesse Dubuque

Texas Two Step Strongly Forbidden!


White feet are not allowed one in front of the other.

Ditto I

A Tribute to The Beatles:
"Don't pass me by don't make me cry don't make me blue
'Cause you know darling I love only you
You'll never know it hurt me so
How I hate to see you go
Don't pass me by don't make me cry"

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